Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

Guess who has birthdays in August? You guessed it baby -- Eleanore and Your's Truly. {but who needs a reason to celebrate?} So off we went to Eddie's on the Water, where Your's Truly enjoyed crab cakes. We laughed the night away, acted like dweebs when we asked the waiter to take our picture {yes, it's the "skinny pose"}, and then re-filled our diet cokes and sat some more! This was one of those last little official summer activities. And we don't even have to do the traditional back-to-school fashion show this Fall. Ahh - empty nester benefit #197.

Speaking of school - Florida boy taught ONE full day of classes and then they closed school for the rest of the week to make way for Hurricane Fay! What a memorable first teaching experience?! Can't you just hear him .... "I looove this job!" Well, he WILL have to contend with being behind on his lesson plans but that's like a flea in an elephant's patootie. So -- be safe and enjoy some R&R, Mr. Teacher!

Speaking of Obama - on a day and night of political suspense, who will be his Vice Presidential pick? I can hardly stand it. The chances are slim to none that former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton would have a shot, but I believe it would unite a nation. That is ... unless Bill & Hillary get "inside" just to "throw" the election to strengthen her 2012 campaign. Deviant mind that I am!

Go wear flip-flops -- you only have a limited time remaining until the wonderful, beautiful, crisp days of Fall are upon us.

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