Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Jazzy Monday

Concerned: Joe Biden it is! Hillary Clinton it is not! Now, I'm not saying that Senator Biden can't do the job, he can. Brandt liked him a lot, working with he and Senator Lugar in the Foreign Relations Committee. My bruised Hillary-ego will heal, because being the class act that she is, she will put all her support behind Obama and the world will be sane again. Is this the year us Republicans vote blue?

Anxious: I can't wait for tonight. Although Brandt is right now in Denver on business, he is not attending the DNC but he is certainly taking it all in! I want to hear Michelle Obama, and see the girls. I like her, even if she married a man with a funny name and big ears.

Tickled: I am up to 21 songs on my IPod. Do I rock or what? Yes, I listen while I drive but so far -- no flashing red lights or sirens have done the sneek on me!

Excited: For the Labor Day weekend ahead! Shawn/Andrea and the babes are headed to the Beaver/Yancy reunion with us (God Bless 'em), and we are planning to hotel it and splash around in the pool with the grandkids. Well, not me ... but I'll conveniently pack grandpa's swimming pants and inconeniently "forget" my bathing suit! But I'll be the official picture taker, so don't get yer panties in a wad or nothing! This grandma still rocks!

Funny: After my drive to work this morning, I got out of my car and noticed a big huge wad of yellow string attached to the front bumper and dragged under my car, sitting in a heap! I tell you, it was enough string to fly a kite from here to China! I actually thought it was a mop at first, and was afraid to touch it! When's the last time you "mopped" up string ... with your car?

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