Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleek & Slim

Color me PINK with excitement! Happy Birthday to me! Kevin surprised me with this new sleek & slim PINK IPod! (just like me - sleek & slim) Ooooh, I'm in love! (with Kevin AND the new sleek & slim PINK IPod!) This is going to be waaay too much fun for me! I could either:

(a) Stay up all night and download tunes and pictures, or
(b) Download tunes and pictures all day at work tomorrow, or
(c) All of the above!

Enjoyed dinner this evening at Smokey Bones with hubby, mom, and Jane - had lots of sweet cornbread and honey butter (good for my sleek & slim figure). Rhegan called me to wish her Gramwa a Happy Birthday, and it went something like this:

Kay: Hello, this is a 51 year old!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} You're not 51 silly, it's your birthday!
Kay: It's my birthday?! Really?!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} Yes, it's yours not mine!
Kay: Let's keep it a secret okay?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} Yep, it's a secret! I'll call you back and see if it's your birthday and you can say "no"!
Kay: Who turned your silly button on?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} My dad.
Kay: Tell him to turn it off!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} I have to leave it on.
Kay: How many buttons do you have?
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter} 10
Kay: Does one of those buttons make you sleep?
Rhegan: {silence} Yes.
Kay: Show me that button!
Rhegan: {laughter - hillarious laughter}

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Traci said...

Don't you just love the little Ipod. I know I HEART mine. It sometimes comes in handy in the office when it's too noisy!! Hope we see you at Thanksgiving....it's been far too long!