Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here's the thing ...

Sometimes my head spins all day long. THIS was one of those days. I can't decipher whether to blame it on pre-menopause (oh puleese!) or just plain lack of focus (I vote for #2), but today I accomplished one thing and one thing only ... I am farther behind at work than I was yesterday.

Okey-dokey then! But here's the thing (yes, we are back to the thing). As I was getting into my car today, it hit me. "I really need to email Martha Stewart and tell her she needs a blog team." She's got the budget. I want the job. Enough said.

So speaking of kids, I, like any good mother, have been thinking about ours. Here's the thing. I think about them all the time! Not obsessive-compulsive think about them, like I did when they were very small. I mean, really think about 'em as adults. A much harder task, but a potentially more rewarding task I believe. The thing is - we do not, can not, and will not live our children's lives for them. They must live their own, thankfully, else my head would spin even more. Here's how this works best: If you are a parent, ask God to convict you of your child's needs. And then pray.

And speaking about politics, here's the thing. I work in an overwhelmingly democrat law firm. A few of us wear the big "R" on our forehead, but we are definitely out-numbered. And let's face it, I earn my paycheck by participating in state-level politics in a non-partisan fashion, i.e. let's get the votes and advance our cause. I get that. The thing is this. If I open mouth, insert foot and it gains one political vote for the McCain-Palin team, color me happy. You DO want me happy, yes?

I lunched with an old friend today. How old? Pretty. Brandt was named for Debbie Brandt. But here's the thing. Let me just say that we (Debbie & I) have aged beautifully! Fun is fun, folks. If you lunch with an old friend, you'll get better looking too! And younger.

And then there's the thing about blogs. Oh my heck! A friend of mine had a rough day with her blog post and a heated exchange of comments. Words. They are just words on paper - strike that - words in cyberspace. And it's next to impossible to read between the lines. Want a better take on something? Face-to-face meetings work best. Not possible? Back to my first point -- words. They are just words.

I'm not done ranting. But here's the thing ... I'm gonna show you the love and stop. And besides, I need to figure out how to email Martha Stewart.
Jumping for joy is great exercise!

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