Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where ya been, Kay? Part 1

You're gonna be jealous ... I've been to 2-year old land, to visit Rosalie and her bouncy blond curls! She loves cheese. She loves her building blocks. She loves to color and paint. She runs around on tippy toes everywhere she goes. And yes, she sits on the potty chair! I told her that Princess Rhegan and I were going to visit her sometime soon!

Gee, I wonder where she got all those curls? Mommy! Yes, I also visited with Dan the Man (Daddy of bouncy blond curl girl) but I didn't get his picture and I'll never live that one down! Hey Dan the Man - send me a picture of you!

Go ahead - ask me ... how much fun is it to be a kid again? Now, if only I could get those bouncy blond curls - now THAT would really be something! And yes, Rosalie can now say "Aunt Kay". I knew you were gonna be jealous ....

Get a load of those boots, baby! This is rain gear at its finest! Splish splash in style!

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