Sunday, October 5, 2008

How about them COLTS!

I used to think it was all about lucky socks. I stand corrected! It's all about the plastic football bowls! Here's the instant replay:
  • We hosted the "Colts in the Hood" rally for today's game. 4 neighborhood couples, food, fun, laughter ... you get the picture.

  • For the most part, the game was lousy. So we spent more time on point #1 -- food, fun, laughter.

  • Guilt set in. The ladies thought better of scrapbooking talk and joined the sad, sorry, TV coverage of the lousy game. (point #2 - lousy game).

  • Root root root. Yell, scream, hope. See point #3 - guilt set in.

  • That's when I remembered the plastic football bowls.
"Oh -- silly me! Now I know why we are not winning. I forgot to get out the plastic football bowls!" Kay said, as she tossed a handful of M&M's into each bowl and handed them out to the hood.
And .... immediately ... it went like this:

  • 2.10 left on the clock.
  • Intercept.
  • Touchdown.
  • Kick is good.
  • Manning's magic pass.
  • Touchdown.
  • Kick is good.
  • W-I-N!

Oh - did I mention the plastic football bowls? See ya at the Super Bowl.

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