Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say it ain't so, I can't go!

Oh my heck, Indiana is now important. Very important. Very very important. Say it ain't so!

This Friday, Sarah Palin is going to be in the Indianapolis area at the Verizon Music Center for a Road to Victory Rally. More specifically, she is going to be 4.5 minutes away from my very own house, and guess who will be 600 miles away at that time? You betcha! That would be me, myself, and I. Say it ain't so!

Oh, how I wish me and my lipstick were going to be here to support the McCain-Palin ticket! Folks, this is a case of "I would if I could, but I can't" for real. Once a year, my sister & I enjoy a spendiferous time with our card-swapping girlfriends from Atlanta. Palin or not, my electric bird (i.e. airplane) is leaving and I will be on it.
  • To my McCain-Palin friends here in Indy --- I hope you go!

  • To my undecided voter friends here in Indy --- I hope you go!

  • To my decided democrat friends here in Indy --- go take a listen!
Help make history! Click here for ticket info. Voter-2-Voter -- Securing a Victory - One Voter at a time.


Robin L. said...

Kay - The Road to Victory Rally was amazing. Ya know - you see those rallies on TV all the time. It was so cool to be there. The crowd was amazing. SARAH IS AMAZING. The sea of RED was wonderful and to hear the crowd cheering was so cool. The only thing that was not amazing was you being in Atlanta, Georgia. I am sad that you were not there with me. I wore my RED (and my lipstick) proudly. EVERYONE needs to VOTE.

Kay said...

Color me proud of you, Red Robin! Even though I was in Atlanta, I wore red! While in Atalnta, I had an opportunity to chat with a journalist who was "surveying" voters about Sarah Palin. She asked me many thought provoking questions and I was glad to "campaign" for the McCain-Palin team!