Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate - Game On!

First off, Sarah Palin wore black. Good choice. Don't tell me you don't wear it too! Governor Palin and Senator Biden walked out to the platform. "Nice to meet you," Palin said as the two shook hands on stage. "Hey, can I call you Joe?" THIS is one of the many reasons I believe in Sarah Palin. It's like saying to your neighbor, "Hey, come on over to my house and let's sit around the kitchen table and talk this thing out." She immediately pulls you in. Did I mention she immediately pulls you in?

While Palin was under ginormous pressure to prove herself as a knowledgeable and articulate speaker, Biden had to dodge the gaffs he's known for. I'd rather be in Sarah Palin's shoes. You want change? McCain-Palin will bring it! Politics as usual? Ain't gonna happen! Sarah Palin IS mainstream America, with a boss that listens to her! Make no mistake about it, she is taking her boss to the white house and she is taking her lipstick to congress.

Oh yeah - and remember a few weeks ago when I asked that waitress to wear a McCain-Palin button? She's now got a MCain-Palin campaign sheet in her waitress notebook. I love it!

A picture of Sarah as she awaits her call on stage. This is a good, faithful, public servant, my friends.


saleslady371 said...

This pic of Sarah in the wings is dramatic. Wonder what she was thinking...maybe praying? Still no baby here in our family; maybe tonight!

Kay said...

I thought the same thing - Sarah was praying. How can ANYONE not vote for the McCain-Palin ticket after seeing that?