Tuesday, September 30, 2008

43 Minutes

Time is money ... at least that's what the partners in my law firm say about my billing rate. Now, there is no way I want to jeopardize my bi-weekly paycheck (what? no trips to the local craft store?) but I have to respectfully disagree with my partners on this one. Time is so much more than that!

43 minutes of time spent driving my Sebring with the sunroof open and my hot pink IPod in my ears is not money. That's called debriefing, unwind, take me away Calgon! {This is on my way home from work, mind you!}

43 minutes of prayer is not money. It's peace for the heavy heart. Or praise to an ever-faithful God.

43 minutes of talking to my son on the phone is not money. It's love, at its finest hour.

In 43 minutes I can make a tuna casserole and cornbread for a meal with my honey at home, in our jammies, with the TV on, and the cat lurking, and the clock ticking the evening away. That's called the good life.

In 43 minutes I can walk around the neighborhood 2 times if I don't talk to the neighbors, and 1 time if I do. That's called exercise.

43 minutes browsing the isles in my local craft store is called inspiration.

43 minutes of lunch with a dear friend is not money. That's essential girlfriend time.

Sometimes when I cannot sleep at night, I can count 43 minutes worth of sheep. That's not money. That's idle time to reflect on the love and needs of my family.

Did you know just how important 43 minutes are? What's your 43 minute list?

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.

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