Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Rocks!

Brandt: Mom doesn't know the words to Beat It!
Kevin: Yeah, but she sounds really good.
Keaton: Well, if she didn't have a spleen, she might sing better.
Kay: I'm tired of cooking, let's rock!

The Real Eve: I cooked the entire Eve Day. Then we did the most special thing (to me) that we do every year on the real Eve. We attend Candlelight Service with good friends and neighbors, the Wilsons, and we hold our candles high into the air with about 1000 others and praise God as we sing Silent Night. It's an amazing night of worship. And this year, the Lusks joined us. Happiness!

The Real Morning: I lahahave not getting up early, like when the kids were little. And I lahahave it when Keaton distributes all the gifts and we wrap up in blankets and robes and open them one-by-one. And I lahahave seeing Kevin's face when he opens up his Harley Davidson calendar every year. And I lahahaved it when the boys saw their Ninja Turtle & Bart Simpson water bottles from when they were kids, only this time they were stuffed with cash. And I lahahaved it when my honey gave me a Vera Bradley Hipster purse ... and, are you ready ... a new laptop! I am SO very cool.

The Rest of the Real Day: Grandma & Aunt Jane joined us and we all stuffed our faces full of food. We played a game of Sequence, and we watched Elf, and we ate again. We set up my new laptop, and Keaton kicked a soccer ball around in the living room (why do boys always do that?) and Kevin is laughing hysterically through the movie, Wild Hogs.

The Real Deal: And all the while, a little baby was born to the Virgin Mary and He lay in a manger, come to save us all. What a beautiful day!

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saleslady371 said...

What a wonderful celebration. You guys are cool. A Vera Bradley hipster purse? I'm jealous. I loved Wild Hogs, too, Kevin. I still dream that maybe some day John Travolta will emergency land his plane in my backyard. A new laptop, how wonderful. I got one, too. Mine's refurbished, does that count?

There's nothing like those Christmas Eve Services. Tom and I got to attend one this year, too.

I can't wait to read about your New Year's parties.