Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eve of the Eve - Part 2

Today is New Year's Adam {if you know me, it's the Adam came before Eve thing}. Do you remember thinking about Y2K, and how awkward it would be to say the year "Two Thousand" instead of "Nineteen"? I can remember when Kevin & I were married, and we thought it was hysterical that in the year 2000 we would be married 20 years! Not to mention we would have a son graduating from high school that same year! Now, here we are almost a decade into the 21st century. Holy Moly! Year end blogging is a reflective time ... but so is the archives of this blog. So, as we enter the real eve let me just say thank you for sharing the journey.

We haven't been to a New Year's Eve party in years. {Probably not since back in the day, during the "Nineteen" years}. Once the kiddo's came along, we got in the habit of staying home to celebrate. Of course, now we're old farts and we're lucky if we can stay awake to watch the ball drop on TV in Times' Square! But guess what? The kids are grown! So tomorrow night, on the real eve, we are getting all dolled up and we will ring in the New Year with the "Hood" {if you know me, it's the neighbor"hood" gang}, with dinner out and music and laughing. Then the gang members of the Hood will come back to the house for more fun and games and yummy finger foods. The sign says: Good Times Ahead!

Ain't it grand when the kids grow up?

Disclaimer: If you are one of my children, do not - I repeat - do not do anything on New Year's Eve that your father and I wouldn't do. We are, after all, good ole' farts!

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