Friday, December 19, 2008

Coming Along ...

Coming along ... that's how I feel right now. Everything's coming along (slowly but surely).

Got Sick? I got sick last Thursday. Got half better on Friday. Got sicker on Saturday. Got real drugs. Half dead on Sunday and Monday. Worked half-day on Tuesday. Got sicker on Wednesday. Got well on Thursday.

Got Christmas Movie? I got hooked on a string of Lifetime Christmas movies during my sicko time. Mr. Claus Looking For A Mrs. Claus - awwww, it was such a cute holiday chick flick!

Got Christmas Cards? I actually enjoy this annual exercise, even through the busyness of the season!

Got Christmas Shopping? I've done it. Go ahead - admit it. You have too! But honestly, seriously, for real -- I have not done it like I usually do it and you know what? I'm good with that!

What's in Your Wallet? Gift cards.

Got Steep Driveway? Hello Winter. It was so nice of winter to grant us some icy sleet over the last few days, but perhaps not when you have a steep driveway like we do. I was minding my own business, writing heartfelt notes in my nice Christmas cards at 10:30 at night, when there was a knock at the front door. "Do you know that your truck has slid down your driveway and is sitting in the middle of the street?" Well, if that doesn't say Hello Winter!

Got Motherhood? I am SO excited that the boys will be home soon! I'm going to hug them 3 extra times this year, and thank our God in Heaven who gave them to us for safekeeping (hard as it is sometimes). HONK for motherhood!

Got Appetite? Last night, we enjoyed our annual Christmas dinner with Kevin's employees and families at Maggiano's. Can you say delish? OMG - we are totally going there again and again and again. And maybe again.

One totally random thought: WHO throws a shoe at the President of the United States?

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Lori said...

HYSTERICAL! Truck in the middle of the street?! Glad it didn't hit anyone as it slid down your driveway! I guess it would be wishing thinking that it would hit the guy who threw the shoe?!