Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eve of the Eve

Christmas Countdown: Did I ever tell you about my Christmas countdown? I can make Christmas come all the sooner, in my head, by the way I count. I never count today because it's already here. I never count Christmas Day because that's what you are counting to. And you can't count Christmas Eve because that's just part of Christmas Day in its own way. And today is Christmas Adam (because Adam came before Eve), so you wouldn't want to count it. You get the picture?

Keaton's home! He flew into the new Indianapolis airport last night, and then we drove through downtown to see the newly imploded old RCA Dome, and then we fell into bed at 1:00 a.m. with the threat of an ice storm headed our way. {God did not disappoint.} But did you know that the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 2 Superbowls ago? Therefore, we have the new Indianapolis airport and the newly imploded old RCA Dome, now replaced with the newly finished Lucas Oil Stadium.

Brandt's Travel Plans: This morning started out innocent enough. Ring Ring goes the telephone, and dear friend Robin says, "You better call your DC boy!" It appears there was a main water break in Bethesda, MD this morning and it was all over the news and she was concerned that DC boy might be traveling through it. Dear friend Robin knows the high probability of how unpredictable DC boy can be, so she did, rightfully so, have the best of intentions. Thankfully, however, I had just talked with DC boy and after having a nice long heart-to-heart talk with himself {I listened} he will not leave for Indianapolis until early tomorrow morning. Thankfully. Did I mention the impending ice storm? {God did not disappoint.}

Ice Storm Hits Kay's Driveway: I left work early as the impending ice storm rained down on us. 1 hour to Kevin's office (usually 20 minutes). 1 hour home (usually 10 minutes). 1 hour trying to get car into garage on steep driveway (usually 10 seconds). Neighbors Fran & Don enjoyed the show. Frustration. So we picked up Fran & Don and went out for Italian dinner, instead of trying to get the car in the garage! That'll teach the neighbors to gawk! It was a real stress-reliever making fun of Fran as she ice skated to the car. Keaton and some of his friends met us there. Baked Ziti and Diet Coke = who cares about a lil' ole' ice storm?!?

So what did YOU do on the Eve of the Eve?


Lori said...

What did I do on the Eve of the Eve?! Oh yeah - I took a day off of work to bake... only to have a knock at the door at 9 am. It was the gas/electric company stopping by with a nice "heads up" knock that they were turning off the power in the neighborhood for several hours. Needless to say - my oven had the day off too!

saleslady371 said...

Merry Christmas, dear one, and to your wonderful family. May the ice storm and travel delays be over shadowed with family fun and the joy of Jesus! I'm so thankful for your friendship!