Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Reflections of 2008

Best Memory: Keaton's college graduation. Last kid is done - check that off the list! Way to go Florida boy! The math world has been waiting for your arrival!
Best Family Gathering: Turkey Day in Atlanta. Joyce & Larry are awesome hosts and we always have a great time together with the gang. Watching Lark/Traci's skydiving video, playing Guitar Hero, playing ball with Lexie, and trying to snap perfect pics of Rosalie!
Best New Discovery: My Nano IPod! Need I say more?! Facebook is another one. It's great to keep up with new friends (in Ocala) and old friends (no I'm not old - they are).
Best Trip: There were two. The first was planned and the second was not. The combo graduation/Disney family trip to Florida was magical. The second mad-dash to Florida later in the year after Keaton's accident turned out to be something I will never ever never forget if I live to be 101. Living inside Keaton's world, attending his church, meeting his friends and co-workers, learning his town, shopping his mall, eating at his Panera .... it's all good. Especially after such an emotional journey!
Best Project: A Baby Photo Box for Mandy's new little angel. This was not only a fun project, but Robin & I each made one, and it required many late night craft sessions. Oh darn.
Best New Food Discovery: (1) Potato 'n Salmon cakes. What a great way to use leftover mashed tators! Yumola. (2) Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice soup from Panera, in a bread bowl. {GOT to have the bread bowl!}
Biggest Surprise: Brandt and Erin's break-up. I have no opinion here. I only want God's plan for my son's life - nothing less.
Best New Item on our Want List: Did someone say "winter home" in Florida?
Best Movie: Mamma Mia! Long live the Dancing Queen 4ever!
Biggest Change: Moving Jane to Indiana from Ohio has been the most unexpected, challenging, enjoyable change in our life this past year.
Deepest Hurt: Saying goodbye to Janet, as she said hello to Jesus! Feeling Debbie's pain in the loss of her sister hit me with emotional tears. Do you know Jesus?
Biggest Disappointment: Someone who is finding their own way, but we love them anyway.
Best New Friendships: Regular Hood get-togethers have produced much more than a good time! The stamp club was also a big kick, not to mention a creative outlet that I so desperately need to stay sane (is that possible?). I also made a special new blogland friend, Mary, who is a witty sister-in-Christ, and I'm so glad God put her in my electronic path of life!
Worst Fear: Rhegan growing up. Will Grandma still rock?
Best Book: Oh there are so many! I LUV to read. Maybe it was Amy Grant's book {thank you Kevin} or the last Yada Yada Prayer Group book in the series. Maybe it was Wednesday Letters. Maybe it was What In the World Is Going On, by Dr. David Jeremiah. Or maybe it was Cooking With Hot Flashes. Or maybe it was Bunny Suicides.
Best New Toy: My new laptop rocks! So do my spellbinders die cuts for scrapbooking.
Best Reflection: From January to December, from cold season to warm season and back to cold again, through laughter and tears, from Cracker Barrel to Disneyland, through home and car repairs, from health to heartache .... the journey is complete with Kevin by my side.
Biggest Question: Will I lose my gallbladder in 2009? Can our family live without a spleen and a gallbladder?

The life given us by nature is short. But, the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.

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saleslady371 said...

Wow! So much to think about here! What a busy life! I look forward to Mama Mia! We just got the rental. What's this about the gall bladder? Take care, my dear friend.