Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let It Snow

My hero husband! He was out at 6am trying to snow-blow us outa here. Notice the Colts Santa Hat? Now that's what I call a cutie patootie! By the way, while he was outside in single digit temps, I was snuggled in my warm cozy bed thinking about getting up. Yes, I lead a charmed life! But I'm not spoiled, I'm not spoiled, I'm not spoiled!
View outside our back deck, just before sunrise this morning. Great shot of those big pretty snowflakes! Florida Boy would just LOVE to be playing in this right now! Officially, there is 12.4 inches of snow at the airport. If you are planning to fly in to see me, I would re-think that.

View outside our front door just before sunrise this morning. No snow plows have been through our neighborhood. I am scheduled to be in Senate Chambers today for work, the courts are now closed, and our law firm just declared a snow emergency. So far this morning, I've watched the news, made a German Choc Cake and ate half, been on the computer and telephone, and took snow pictures.
I repeat --- I am not spoiled, I am not spoiled, I am not spoiled!

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saleslady371 said...

These snow pics are absolutely gorgeous! You made my day! German Chocolate Cake, yum!