Sunday, January 11, 2009


BIG trial starting tomorrow! Why am I still up and not in bed? Excited, I guess. This is the first time we are transporting the file to court electronically. Who was in charge of the discovery website? Moi. Who designed and organized the site? Moi. Who do they look at if it doesn't work? Moi. Enough said.

WONDERFUL church service this morning! We attended Meadowbrook's service .... electronically! Guess it's the thing for us, these days. Just think. There was Keaton, sitting in church in Ocala, FL. And here we were, sitting in church in our living room. All the while, attending church together! If you have an opportunity, why don't you attend church with me?

SOOPER DOOPER set of gift cards on my other blog, that I made this afternoon (after that wonderful church service). My craft room was rocking today, and it's all cleaned up again cuz the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. Let me think about that one ...

IPOD FOR DUMMIES was my choice for reading material today. Learned some snazzy new shortcuts and downloaded some new tunes. I wanted Kathy Smith's Walkfit, but I guess it's so ancient that I'm going to have to get it on CD first. I'm so stuck in the 80's - but I am getting somewhat away from big hair!

SLEEP cometh to those who go to bed. Wish me luck at trial! I have new high heels, that should do it!

No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned.

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saleslady371 said...

Hi, Kay!
I sure hope that trial went well and that the files transferred okay. You are one smart lady! Hey, what color is you Nano Ipod? Mine's pink; I'm such a girl. Bet your's is that passionate red color. Get away from big hair....are you sure?????
Love ya,