Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Real Eve

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Dear Hood Members:

God bless ya gang! Kevin & I are happy to be card-carrying members of the Hood! Thanks for ringing in the New Year with us old farts! {that was for you, Bear} Dinner at Stone Creek was scrump-dilly-ishous. Will the Waiter was worth 20%. I am hoping Brent & Eleanor enjoyed "swimming" at the hotel, we missed you guys after dinner! Apples-To-Apples is THE game of the century, I want to own stock in it! Ya think it was no coincidence that Bear got the card entitled "sensual'? {see slide show - Lynn LOLing with tears} I have to say, it is SO powerful being a game judge. I can now mark JUDGE off my bucket list. So after that rip-roaring round, it was down to the Lusks and the Squires. First up, ROOK rocks! Then a round of Sequence. Then a 5-minute break to watch the ball drop, kiss your Honey-Bunny, and "hop" into the New Year. {Yes, Eleanor, we hopped for you!} Then back to ROOK. And the party ended with the Squires waving good-bye to the Lusks from their front porch, wishing them safe travels on the l-o-n-g drive home. Should you walk next year?

We loooove all of you! 2008 was truly "The Year Of The Hood" and we look forward to running amuck with the gang in 2009!

Love {insert yet unknown gang sign},


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saleslady371 said...

Happy New Year, Kay! I enjoyed The Hood Party slide show and now I want to get that game, Apples to Apples! May 2009 bring you blessings galore! I like your new blog heading. It's so unique and makes me think of the 1920's.
Health and happiness to you and yours!