Saturday, January 26, 2008


Can you believe it? We have now seen TWO movies in TWO days?! That's more than we usually see all year! It started when good neighbors/friends Brent & Eleanor invited us to join them for a movie. They were going to see JUNO. So off we went to the theater, TWO by TWO (that's 4 of us all together - get it?!). While standing in line for tickets and as fate would have it, we changed our baby boomer minds and decided to see ATONEMENT. This was a good idea .... and a bad idea.

ATONEMENT is a complex story told from several points of view. Orignally a British romance novel, the movie is set in the mid 1930s during war time. I loved it! Kevin hated it. Eleanor loved it! Brent tolerated it. Let's just say this: We are living out our Bucket List! I mean - come on - TWO movies in TWO days!

One last thing --- we renamed the cat. His name is now BUCKWHEAT.


Andrea said...

Wow! That is great two movies in two nights. I only get to the movies when a Happy Potter flick comes out. Don't get me wrong I love Harry but I would also like to see more than 1 movie every 2 years. However, you do give great recaps of movies. How about you keep seeing the movies and just let me know which ones are worth renting and which one can wait to they come to cable. Thanks!

Kay said...

How 'bout this? When Clayton is 31 years old, U go to 2 movies in 2 days, and tell Clayton your movie reviews! However, in the interim, we'll work in a chick-flick this year so you don't have to wait 23 years. Deal? {Clip this coupon - good for one chick-flick movie with mom!)