Friday, January 11, 2008

Some Photos that make me HAPPY

Thumbs up for my new hairstyle! I was getting tired of long hair and headbands - not that I minded not having to fuss with my hair in the mornings. But it was time for a new do. So I got 4 inches cut off, and layered the bejeebers out of it. Thank you to my super taleted fun hairstylist niece Connie for getting scissor happy on me! Love it! Now then, next week when I have to fuss with my hair in the mornings we will see if I am still in love with it! But I've already learned a few good things about this style:

  • I can still wear headbands.
  • Hair still sticks out from a winter hat.
  • I can still pull it back into a pony tail (it's about 1 inch - but it counts!)
  • Curling iron OR hot rollers are still an option.
  • Bangs cover wrinkles.

Did you notice the Blue Colts Shirt (how could you not notice!)? Today was "Blue Friday" in the city. Everyone ditched their city street clothes in favor of blue jerseys and blue sweatshirts. Downtown was a sea of blue! Andrea & company are coming over Sunday afternoon to watch the game. Oh, if only Peyton Manning could see my New Do - he'd bring us a win!


Staci said...

I love your new do -- I got a new one in November, which I don't love now! It's cuz it was partially a razor cut.....and the 2 don't go well together. But, tried something a 2nd time to confirm! And now, searching for a new hair-doer!

Good luck......hope it's easy! Cuz it's cute! Go Colts!

Brandt said...

MOM!! this site is looking schweet. that right, schweet - not sweet. The slideshow is fun to watch. Your hair is looking solid! mine...... let's not talk about mine (or lack there of)

love you miss you

Kay said...

I LUV getting comments! Okay, I won't talk about Brandt's hair (or lack thereof). But I was just sitting here thinking "Hey - isn't a receeding hairline so schweet, that's right!" LoveUI