Monday, January 7, 2008

Lots of THINGS

A Crazy Thing: For the last two days in a row, we have broken the record high temps with almost 70 degree weather --- in JANUARY! Did anyone say "global warming"? It was actually warmer here in Indiana than it was in Phoenix today! Florida boy still had higher temps than us, however. But for goodness golly sakes, give me some beautiful winter snow!

A Crazy Result: Almost everyone I know (myself included) is sniffling and coughing their way through the day. I'm not crabby though, which is a real plus. I think I caught it while talking to my fabulous fun friend Fran on the phone the other day - she coughed.

A Funny Thing: While blogging, there was a loud c-r-a-s-h in the other room. My husband and I simultaneously responded "What was that?!" (Kay) and "Are you okay?!" (Kevin). I was afraid to go check it out and I told him so (i.e. please be my protector and stop the silly sun-of-a-gun from stealing any of my scrapbook stuff or my apple cake!) It turns out that one of my scrapbook drawers jumped right off the shelf and left me with a MEGA MESS on the floor! {Note to self: need to close drawer before walking away}

A Funny Result: Boy howdy, if I need any chipboard or buttons, they are now organized by size, color, and filed alphabetically!

A Good Thing: I am reading a book Kevin gave me for Christmas entitled "Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far" written by Amy Grant. You can get it here. Her christian music was a big influence in my life. We're close in age and I was anxious to reconnect with her in this book. Mosaic is a collection of short stories and song lyrics and a recount of events that detail Amy's relationships with celebrities. Had the book been just this feel good celebrity stuff, I wouldn't recommend it. But as the book progresses Amy begins to dig deep. She talks about events and people that have shaped her through much pain and loss. Doesn't this describe you and me and he and she?

A Good Result: Fame doesn't save us. A good spouse, wonderful children, great friends, history, and money can't save us. If we could each grasp how much we are loved by God our Father, maybe we wouldn't be so quick to run any from Him to find our own way.


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Staci said...

Has somebody told you today that YOU Rock and are the BEST?

I love your BLOGS - read them very often, and am waiting for you to write a book!

Love you and hope our paths cross again SOON!