Friday, July 18, 2008

Jane's Pre-Move In Day

Well - I "feel" like I've been to California and back again after today! And Jane's furniture doesn't even arrive until tomorrow! We accomplished so many details today, and I truly believe Jane had a sooper dooper day! Moving to a new state, at age 73, after living somewhere else for 30 years, and knowing you have Alzeimers, HAS to be frightening. But I believe we did a whiz bang job at making it a happy day.

My mom, who will be Jane's neighbor, was just the best! She came hobbling over to Jane's new place and I saw her coming across the street and went flying out the door to her. She had a happy grin on her face and I greeted her with "Mom - ya got any toilet paper we can have?!" She did a U-turn and came back with a roll of TP, a box of kleenex, and some foam paper cups!

We worked our way through a medical evaluation, and a massive paper-signing ceremony, after which we lunched in the dining room. Throughout the day, cable and phone service was put in place. Meanwhile, my mom was busy cooking up a storm for our dinner while Jane & I hit the discount store for household items, food, and drinks.

We were absolutely befuddled as to where might be a perfect place for the kitchen trash can. So we went on a "trash can investigation" and visited several neighbors to survey the results! We crashed a card-playing party and helped a neighbor trim her rose garden (all the while it was 90-11 degrees outside today). Finally, we threw out the brand spanking new welcome mat, hung Jane's new hummingbird feeder, and took our "homemade" chocolate chip cookies from Meijer to mom and the new neighbors.

The best gift of all ---- on the drive home this evening, after stopping at Kevin's office with Diet Cokes so we could polish off our "homemade" Meijer brand chocolate chip cookies, Jane said to me 3 times "This was a great day!" Then quietness. Until the moving truck shows up tomorrow!

If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.

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