Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mamma Mia!!

You ask ... what can you do on a 90-11 degree day while waiting for the moving truck to roll up in your driveway so we can start unpacking? Well - go to a movie in air conditioning, of course! The point is "Mamma Mia!" is fun, the music's terrific and the cast is appealing. There's a Greek Island, a pretty girl, Meryl Streep singing and being funny, an amusing situation and two renditions of "Dancing Queen." What's not to like? Basically, this isn't a movie. It's a vacation. Go if you need a 2 hour vacation.

All Righty Then .... so we dahsed over to Rosegate and the move-in! Jane & I started directing traffic to the highly skilled team of packers (i.e. Kevin and the moving company) and in a few hours it was o-v-e-r. Then we began to work our way through the 57 boxes and Hallelujah ... we found bed sheets, towels, and a shower curtain before the night was over! After enjoying a home-cooked meal at mom's (talk about Mamma Mia!), everyone was dead tired and ready to call it a day! Jane actually spent the night in her new Garden Home without us hovering over her, and we slept like kittens in our own bed!

Today we will have more unpacking, errands, and the like. However, Kevin is giving me some much needed time at home this morning while he tends to Jane. After a few loads of laundry, I'll head that way and greet the boxes in the garage and the 90-11 degree day once again! If only I had a picture to share of my hot flushed red cheeks and salty sweaty hair while searching for boxed necessities yesterday afternoon! Oh .... the caption would definitely read "Mamma Mia!".

Lastly, while standing in the moonlight saying goodnight to Jane, she casually looked into her mailbox and discovered a letter addressed to her! Sister Connie had sent Jane a very special welcome greeting on DAY ONE!! How cool is that?! That's why God invented sisters! If you don't have one, adopt.

Sisters and brothers are as close as hands and feet. I, who have no sisters or brothers, look with some degree of innocent envy on those who may be said to be born to friends. ~James Boswell

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