Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Indiana

  • Phase 1 of move-in is accomplished! Jane & I are safely in Indiana. We had a happy drive home, and got to watch the most beautiful sunset and then the most beautiful full moon greeted us! It was included in Jane's "Welcome to Indiana" packet -- this beautiful sun and moon!
  • We considered driving on to California, but decided against it. Tomorrow's another day!
  • Kevin & Keaton were fast asleep in their beds when we arrived home, probably with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads! Man - they were knocked out!
  • It was 90-11 degrees today.
  • I am SO ready to be off work tomorrow! I told Jane that the #1 stressful job in America is an air traffic controller, and the #2 is working in a law firm. Some days are just like that.
  • Debbie got to take Janet home from the hospital today! They were waiting for the hospice people to arrive when we chatted for a few minutes. Janet was worried they were not going to get there in time for her next pain med. Debbie said she, and other members of the family, would become doctors & nurses in the coming weeks.
  • It's too quiet in this house --- that can't be good. I will investigate.
  • I wish I were at the Summer CHA (Craft Hobby Association) meetings in Chicago this weekend. It's on my life list, and I'll get it crossed off someday!

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