Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This and That

Leg Update: Thanks to everyone who tried to convince Mr. Stubborn not to let his leg rot. At least we tried. So there will be no more whinefest. This evening after work when I popped by his work, it went something like this:

Me: Hi - is your leg still broke?
Mr. Stubborn: Yep.
Me: Okay - good!

I would have asked him to play Bunco but he can't do the Bunco dance so what's the point? Enough about that.

Weekend Move: Jane's moving plans are coming right up. I'm sure she is a bit anxious and nervous, but having her own place at Rosegate will give her the independence she wants and the help she needs. Yes, the decisions and move details give me pause. We all want to do the right thing for our loved ones! But more importantly, I pray that God's convicting power will be on OUR hearts as we lead our loved one through this process.

Highlights of Today: I sent birthday wishes to sister-in-law Connie! Wish we could be there to help celebrate her 39th birthday (which is kinda like 63). Shake your Booty Con! I was talking with mom today and we decided that it's kinda fun to fly by the seat of yer panties!

Lowpoints of Today: Thinking about Debbie, preparing to say goodbye to Janet forever. Thinking about Janet - breathing, swallowing, talking - things we take for granted are hard for her.

Happy Thought for Today: Recently, Andrea said to me "Mom - what's up with the card pictures on your blog? Does this mean your life is boring or what?" Well, thank you my little Andrea-kins ... I've been thinking about that and the light bulb went off! We can't have a blog-collision here so I need TWO BLOGS! One blog for ramblings and pictures for family & friends. One blog for my "boring" papercrafts! Oh - I love it! Thanks Andrea-kins! Watch for further details.

Email Issues: As many of you know, I've been having issues with Comcast-but yowser ka-bowswer I think they are finally fixed! I did NOT have to give Comcast a piece of my mind (what's left of it). I did NOT have to cancel my account. And I did NOT have to pay for the fix! A kind-hearted stamping papercrafting friend told me how to reset the reply email settings and faster than you can say "Bob's Yer Uncle" ... it was fixed! Thanks Tami, you rock!

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