Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain-Palin Really ROCK

This is a very exciting election year! At the close of tonight's RNC and McCain's acceptance speech, we will be witness to the next 61 days of debates, media hype, and political ads. We'll all be tired of it by the time we pull the curtain and cast our votes. SO -- let's get to work and make sure that John McCain is the next President of the United States and Cindy McCain is our next First Lady!

Let's talk Sarah Palin here for a minute. She's tough. She's cute. She's got an adorable family. She's determined. She's a hard worker with a servant's heart. And finally, she is teamed up with a candidate that has the heart of our county beating in him for you, me, and all our children. {Did I mention the woman eats Mooseburgers?! Mmmmmm.} I have concluded that there is absolutely no circumstance whatsoever that she would not be a good VP. Even if they tied and gagged her, she would find a way to signal by wiggling her ears.

Yes, this IS the year us Republicans vote red!

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