Sunday, September 14, 2008

Speaking of Power

We were out today ... out of power, that is. Yep, I was powerless. Hurricane Ike - now Tropical Storm Ike - is blowing it's way through here. Can you believe I had to manually lift my garage door? I might - like - break a nail or something! SO, no power = no lights. And no lights = no crafts. And no crafts = okay to leave the house. Kevin & I headed to Jane's and the 3 Musketeers hit the local Ponderosa. How long has Ponderosa been around anyway? 90-11 years? It was mighty good for being so elderly.

We enjoyed dinner with good friends Brent/Eleanor on Friday evening. Talky talky Kevin & Kay helped wear out everyone's bum as we sat for over 2 hours together! {yes, that is when I asked the waitress to join the McCain-Palin band wagon!} Brent/Eleanor are such good friends and we are so fortunate to live in the same neighborhood!

I AM BRILLIANT!! Man, I just love it when that happens. Wanna know a tricksy way to get the cat out from under your feet? No, you can't yell FIRE I tried that already --- both yelling FIRE and having a real one in my oven. I don't recommend either. All you need is a Wal-Mart bag! And we ALL know how much I adore Wally World! Shaky shaky your baggy baggy and the cat will runny runny faster than you can say "Bob's yer uncle!" No cat? Hmmm. Try it on your husband or kids -- couldn't hurt!

Speaking of The Colts, we'll take today's win! I gotta remember to get my lucky Colts socks out for next week's game because guess who's going? WE ARE! And all the people said YAY! Remember my lucky socks from last season? You can view them here. I think Brandt wanted me to wear them, so he sent us the tickets - how sweet is that? Well, he probably wants them to win too. Gosh - can you believe it's football season again?! Neither can I.

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Lynn Bryant said...


I love your blog. You truly are a creative soul.

And even though you have become Palin's number one fan??? I love you too.