Friday, September 26, 2008


Is it already TV season premier week? Oh my heck, I'm glad. Not that I have any TV time to spare. I mean, let's face it -- we are in a serious Presidential Election here and everyone should be a news junkie right now. {BUT I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT -- I repeat DO NOT watch MSNBC political coverage who has TICKED me off royally with their one-sided reporting. Who DO they think they are, taking away MY right to vote by using their media ploys to actually elect the next President of the United States? Seriously?!}

Okay - let's get back to TV season premiers. Yes, I know The Office is ever-so popular and I DO love their quote "It's so much cooler to sit on your chair after you spin it around." But let's just talk Grey's Anatomy for a nano-second. Dr. McDreamy dead? Merideth, an old spinster? A Denny scene? I'm hooked. Seriously!

So -- Joyce & Larry should be back in the good ole' US of A soon. Good thing -- cuz my cell phone bill misses talking with Joyce (SO much crafting to discuss!). I wonder how Mr. L will react to our financial crisis that happened while he was away? I fear we should not ask him, or you might get the same reaction as when you say to him "talk to the hand". Not so good. You would probably be better off to watch MSNBC than say that to him! Seriously!

Kudo's to neighbor Fran on her retirement! Well, kinda sorta mostly. She did get a retirement party complete with cake and ice cream and presents. But next week she starts working on contract for them 2 days per week. I guess she just can't get enough of that place! (perhaps she sits on her office chair after she spins it around?) So next time you see her in the "hood" give her a high-five. Seriously!

Speaking of the "hood" --- Kevin & I are excited to host the neighborhood gang's first Colts Rally of the season. I'm pulling out my lucky socks for the occasion. Go Blue! After their first few games, we all know something is seriously wrong here. Peyton, help me help you! We are behind ya babe - now go spell W-I-N.

Tomorrow, we are scooping up the little ladies (i.e. mom & Jane) for a day-trip to Brown County. Biscuits and apple butter. Rubber stamp store. No laundry. Life is just plain good. Seriously!

I leave you with a Clayton-ism. Upon returning home from school the other day, here's a conversation he had with his babysitter:

Babysitter: Clayton, we've been waiting for you! We're going outside for a walk around the block!

Clayton: WHAT??!?^#*&%_#!?

Babysitter: Come on, we're all going for a walk around the block, it's such a pretty day!

Clayton: Can't we just take the car?!??!?


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hemidemisemiquaver said...

BAN MSNBC..shut the whole DANG operation DOWN!! What absolute MORONS they are!!! Thank goodness a blog with someone who actually gives a darn around here. THANK YOU!