Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin Draws Crowd of 60,000 at Florida Ralley

Obama draws crowd of 20,000 in North Carolina. Meanwhile- Sarah Palin draws crowd of 60,000 in Florida! "Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!" they chanted at every mention of her name, applauding loudly and waiving tiny American flags that were distributed -- along with free water bottles -- by local volunteers.

You want to know how I know this? I'm SO glad you asked! BECAUSE FLORIDA BOY WAS THERE!! Yes, as in "there". Keaton lives a hop, skip, and a jump away .... so he and a few of his friends hopped, skipped, and jumped over to the Villages near Ocala to be part of history. Way to go Keaton! We NEED a large voter turnout in a hotly contested state with 27 electoral votes.

I googled this and --- ah-hem -- I just wanted to mention that the largest crowd Biden has drawn to date is 2000. Sarah's lipstick isn't the ONLY thing that should scare the Dem's!

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